Let’s Collaborate

The Madame Flavour brand is known for the highest quality tea, unique flavour combinations and close relationships with consumers.

We are always looking to surprise and delight our customers with innovative, brand-aligned collaborations.

Contact Corinne here for brand, product and cross promotional collaborations.

What people say about collaborating with Corinne:

“With many tea products in the market, I chose Madame Flavour because it is an amazing product and has an incredible business philosophy

We had nothing but great feedback from our guests with regards to the Madame Flavour range of teas.

The company is Australian owned and we had a wonderful working relationship.

Its ethos is simple. Integrity at every touch point is the key driver of its corporate culture and sharing her success with the community is integral to Corinne’s motivation.

As a long-term customer, (they) always provided us with “sneak peeks” into new products and partnered with us to develop marketing initiatives.”

Harley Moraitis

Previous General Manager, Crown Metropol Melbourne

“I really enjoyed the process of creative brainstorming, then working together to bring our ideas to life, with each iteration I saw our ideas take shape. It was a smooth, efficient and very enjoyable experience, that produced excellent results.”


Managing Director, Custom Woodwork