My Story

Corinne Noyes is the brand creator and founder of Madame Flavour.

After a 20 year marketing career interspersed with stints traveling through New York, Paris, Cuba and remote parts of Norway; Corinne pioneered Madame Flavour, launching leaf tea pyramids.

From the beginning she set out to surprise and delight tea drinkers.

Starting from the spare room of her home, she pitched to major retailers and won the business.

With French and Australian parents who met in Sri Lanka, there was destiny at play as Madame’s tea is mostly Ceylon grown.

Ten years later, Madame Flavour is a household brand name, with over 100 million tea pyramids sold, or as Corinne prefers to think of it, 100 million tea moments experienced.

The range is sold in luxury hotels, airlines, cafes, restaurants and in major supermarkets in Australia, NZ and Asia.

Corinne speaks regularly at business and industry events, is featured in articles on all things tea, balance, entrepreneurship; and won Telstra Businesswoman of the Year finalist.

What people have to say

“There was much discussion about the uniqueness of the boxes and oohs-and-aahs when we saw the exquisite tea leaves packed in a translucent bag. The smell of the rose petals as we opened the box was divine – a delicate perfume.”

Geck, Customer

“What has always stood out about Corinne is her incredible passion for life, her marketing insight and creativity, her ability to jump from strategic thought to detailed financial analysis, her sense of humour and finally her loyalty and generosity of spirit.”

Christine Khor

Managing Director, Chorus Executive

“Tea is a lovely ritual that warms me and my family, both our hearts and our hands. Your tea is our favourite and your attention to detail – the pretty tea bags, the beautiful flavours, the personal touch – is a special part of my day.”

Lissy, Customer

Companies I’ve worked with

Q&A With Corinne

Tell us about your career and background.

My early career was in Consumer Goods Marketing, working with global multinationals Gillette and Simplot Australia, nurturing power brands and exciting new product launches, such as Gillette Sensor for Women, Gillette Personal Care and developing the iconic ‘Leggo’s Stir Thru Sauce’ range and ‘Talking Italian’ campaign. Twenty years exposure to cutting edge training and resources and practical application set me up powerfully with understanding of the consumer, of product and brand development, of business financials and the unique worlds of FMCG and Food Service.

It was the perfect training for taking my values and creating a company and brand grounded in those.

Tell us about Madame Flavour.

Madame Flavour is a tea company, based in Melbourne; which I started in 2008 in the spare room of my Melbourne home. We specialise in leaf teas, in biodegradable pyramids so tea drinkers can enjoy the pleasure of leaf tea.

I create the blends myself often using Australian native ingredients to add a local touch, including Round Leaf Mint from my property in Gippsland.

Our customers now include major supermarkets, and iconic foodservice brands, such as Virgin Australia, Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, Brisbane and Gold Coast, Virgin Active and The Hotel Windsor.

What inspired you to start Madame Flavour?

I created the brand because I believe passionately that people deserve great quality, and a level of care and respect from their brands. Ten years ago, the offer in Australia did not, in my humble opinion, deliver.

Tea can be so rich – the leaf, flavours, story, traditions, heritage. I had a ‘people deserve better; I can do that’ moment. And off I went.

It’s amazing to look at where we are now; ten years later; having delivered over 100 million beautiful tea experiences to tea drinkers who truly appreciate it. We have a special bond with our customers.

I am proud to have been a catalyst for improvement in the variety of tea available in Australia.

Describe a typical work day for you.

I’m up early and straight into having a look at my mail, or using my early morning efficient brain to handle of piece of complex work; with of course a cup of Australian Morning blend.

Then its different everyday…it may be into the office to meet with the team, review ad campaign performance, deliver tea training, work on a special new blend from my Gippsland retreat; fly to Colombo to oversee new production or visit the Estates.